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LTD Pelican International Pvt

Export/Import House of India.Main lines for export are Food&Food Products,LeatherProducts/Garments,Solar Equpment,Rice,Tea,Gherkins,Textiles,Granite&Marble,Spices,Bicycle Tires & Tubes,Confectionaries,Tomato Ketchup and Water Purification Plants

Pelican International Pvt.Ltd., is a leading Export House in Hyderabad,India of Pelican Rubber Pvt. Ltd.Pelican has a clientele in over 40 countries worldwide with representative offices in Dubai & Singapore.This ISO9001-2000 company has won number of awards for Export from various organisations like CAPEXIL ,AIRA & FAPCCI. Pelican offers you extensive range of products to choose from.It has a Quality Management System in place to give excellent quality and timely deliveries.This makes it a leading Export House in India with satisfied customers worldwide. We offer: 1.Spices:Turmeric,Red Chilli Powder,Garam Masala & Corriander Powder. 2.Food & Food Products:Basmati & Non Basmati Rice,Pulses,Wheat,Gherkins,Tea and Salt. 3.Confectionaries:Hard Boiled sweets,Toffees & Eclairs. 4.Solar Products:Water Heating Systems,Lanterns,Photovoltaic modules.Garden lighting and home lighting. 5.Leathergoods&Garments:Wallets,Bags,Purses,Portfolios,Laptop covers,Overnight bags.Leather Jackets,Long Coats,shirts,Waists and pants for gents & ladies. 6.Textiles and Apparels like Tshirts. 7.Granite & Marble:Granite in 10 colors in 20mm &30mm thickness.Tiles in 12mm thickness.Marble in White,Beige,Gold,Rust Pink,Brown & Greens. 8.Bicycle Tyres and tubes. 9.Water Purification Plant Machinery 10.Desilting Machines We act as a Representative Office in India on annual retainership basis for overseas companies looking forward for developing trade relations with India. What sets Pelican International apart from the other exporters in India is our personal involvement in procurement,inspection and quality control which has helped us get a deep insight into the true nature of the products we export. For all information you can visit our Website:www.pelicaninternational.in or send us your querries to pelicaninternational@gmail.com or fax us at +91 40 24605724. We look forward to doing business with good companies.

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Country: India
City: Hyderabad,INDIA
Address: 15-1-560,Siddiamber Bazar, Hyderabad-500012 INDIA
Phone: +91 (40) 2474-70-37
Fax: +91 (40) 2460-57-24
E-mail: pelicaninternational@gmail.com
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